As Christ unites all Christians into one spiritual body, local churches must cooperate as one body to proclaim this gospel at home and abroad, in word and in deed. Therefore, we make it a priority not only to support local ministries, but also to work with faithful churches throughout the world. This is a list of the ministers and missionaries we are currently supporting with budgeted church funds.

The church also encourages families to give with joy and generosity to those ministries and mercy works that they desire to support as individuals.
In addition to supporting such mission work for the growth of God's kingdom, we believe it is the duty and privilege of Christians to act with mercy and love toward their neighbors in concrete ways. As a church, we support and cooperate with the Christian Community Service Center, 713-961-3993.
In addition, we earnestly encourage individuals to be active and creative in seeking out ways in which they can invest their lives and financial resources in showing mercy to those in need. All Christians must adorn their faith with lives of charity, seeking to provide for the spiritual and material needs of those around them with the resources that God has given to them as a stewardship to be used for His glory.

Missionaries we support as a church

  • Ian Coulter, Church Without Walls
United States
  • Danny Wuerffel, Desire Street Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Jeff Candell, British Columbia
  • Keith and Debbie Kanavel
North America
  • Rick and Pam Box, PCA/MTW, Mexico
Central America
  • Rev. Julian Zugg, Belize
South America
  • Rev. John and Cathy Rug, Chile
  • Ron and Peggy Smith, Ecuador
  • Dr. Palmer and Joanna Robertson, African Bible University, Uganda
  • Paul and Kyle Kroening, Kenya


   July 2019   
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